“In India nothing is impossible, join our family and experience the uniqueness.”

– Your Delhi by Locals Team

Delhi by Locals was founded by Pradeep Kumar in 2016. He took the plunge and quit his job to undertake the risk of starting a business of his own. At the root of his decision was his love for Delhi and his passion for sharing the city he was born and raised in with visitors. Pradeep has been a part of the tourism industry for more than 10 years, and loves planning and organizing visits to Delhi for people from all over the world. He started working as a student tour guide and previously worked for several companies including Delhi Magic Tours, Le Passage to India, and Reality Tours and Travel. Drawing on both his experience in the industry and the support of his family and friends, he started Delhi by Locals to provide travelers with local, authentic experiences that make them feel like members of the larger Indian family.

Here at Delhi by Locals we pride ourselves employing and giving opportunities to young, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable guides who are dedicated to sharing authentic, local experiences with our guests. Most of our employees are from lower to middle class homes, and are also enrolled in colleges or universities in Delhi. They’re happy to share their perspectives on everything from Indian politics to everyday home-life, and are just as interested in learning about your passions and experiences!

We are by and large members of the communities that we show you, and care about the environment and overall well-being of the people that live here. Our philosophy reflects that, as 50% of the profits from Delhi by Locals go towards organizations that benefit and help develop local communities. Our sister organization is an NGO called Learning by Locals which helps young people develop both professional skills and life skills. Our aim is to help guide them as they work to build careers and achieve their life goals. We pride ourselves on equipping them with the practical tools required to find jobs. We are also associated with other non-profit organizations including Manzil, an afterschool learning center in Khan Market. These groups help empower young people through education, which in turn aids them in bettering their own communities. We are all proud to be Indian, and are passionate about working to improve people’s lives both in Delhi and elsewhere in our diverse and beautiful country.

At Delhi by Locals we pride ourselves on offering affordable tours while never compromising the quality of our experiences. We are a young organization that is growing rapidly, interacting with new people everyday, and constantly brainstorming ways to improve. We strive to ensure that every guest of Delhi by Locals has an unforgettable experience. As such, we highly value your feedback! Come and join our family of adventurers and we guarantee that you will take home unique, authentic, and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.