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Motor Bike/Scooter Tour

There’s nothing like viewing Delhi from the back of a motor bike in the morning! Fresh air and a cool breeze await you on this scenic ride through the city we call home. As we effortlessly weave through traffic you’ll see the city in a way you never have before. Cruising through a market area will expose you to multitude unique smells and sights: fresh omelettes being made, a cook preparing the dough for the rotis he’ll sell throughout the day, children making their way to school, all while a groggy man waits outside his shop for his colleague to arrive. Our guides, who know the side streets of Delhi like the back of their hands, will take you to experience Jama Masjid, a variety of our famous markets, the Red Fort, and Chandini Chowk. The tour will include intermittent stops for sweet chai, the fuel we need for our adventure! We’ll also grab some tasty street food and see some stunning rooftop views. Watching the city slowly wake from its nighttime slumber is a one in a lifetime experience, and one you won’t regret getting up early for!

For safety reasons, all participants are required to wear helmets. Children under 14 are also not allowed on this tour.

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