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Old Delhi – The Real City

Soak up the history, one step at a time!

Entering Old Delhi is like winding back the clock, transporting you to a different world and time. It is a city replete with history and culture, and is imbued with a striking sense of purpose. Every person is constantly at work, selling, buying, laughing, talking, living. The chaos and hustle-bustle of the area is the most enrapturing part of the experience in Old Delhi. The marketplaces are filled with all manner of exotic goods, the monuments display the signs of eras long past, and the streets are filled with Delhiites who carry with them age old traditions and keep our proud culture alive.

The tour starts off with a brief history lesson of Shahjahanabad, widely known as Old Delhi. It was founded by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1639, who also commissioned the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his favorite wife. After this we’ll traverse a labyrinth of narrow lanes until we arrive at the Spice Market, a bazaar that is certain to engage and stimulate all five senses. The we’ll take the opportunity to see a bird’s eye view of Old Delhi from a nearby rooftop, a moment of tranquility seated high above the madness. A brief rickshaw ride later and we’ll find ourselves in front of the awe-inspiring Red Fort, the traditional seat of Mughal power. The mere sight of the Fort will spur your imagination, and the tales our guides relay of extravagance, intrigue, and world altering events that transpired inside will only further engage and astound you. From here, we’ll walk the streets of the Chandni Chowk, arguably Delhi’s most historically relevant and prestigious market, until we reach the magnificent golden Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, a preeminent Sikh temple of immense religious significance. This site is one of the holiest temples in the Sikh pantheon, the history of which our guides will happily relay to you! While here you’ll learn more about the Sikh community, a vital part of the Indian cultural fabric. And that fabric is incomplete without seeing the free food kitchen at the temple that draws people from all walks of life, as our love for feeding others is a quality Indians are notoriously famous for. As the tour comes to an end, you will realize that it is the diversity of this crazy city that binds it together and keeps it running.

Spice Market
Sikh Temple
Roof Top View