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Akshardham Tour

Let Delhi by Locals show you one of Delhi’s most venerated and gorgeous religious sites! Akshardam is a must see for any visitor to our city, a magnificent and intricate complex constructed in worship of Lord Swaminarayan. The main shrine is a blend of architectural trends from all corners of the country, representing a synthesis of style and diversity that makes it a truly one of a kind site. It is also the world’s largest Hindu temple!

One other wonderful aspect of the site beyond the sheer beauty of the architecture and artwork featured at Akshardam is the variety of exhibitions and displays on view there. While there you can learn all about the life of Lord Swaminarayan, watch a film on his pilgrimage through India as a young man, view India’s largest step well, or watch the breathtaking water show that occurs every night!

The tour lasts approximately five hours and costs one thousand rupees per people, with the costs for the light and sound shows charged additionally. We ask that our guests dress conservatively due to the religious nature of the site, and wear easily removable shoes as the temple can only be entered barefoot. Further, due to rigorous security protocol at the site bags, cameras, laptops, and other large objects cannot be brought inside, so we request our guests do not bring these objects to expedite the security process.

Akshardham Fountain Show
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