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Learning by Locals

Learning by Locals is an education based NGO based out of the Sanjay Colony here in Delhi. It is the sister organization of our travel company, and was also founded by our CEO, Pradeep Kumar. The focus of Learning by Locals is to education and youth empowerment, and is comprised of a vibrant community of Delhiites 14 and older. We provide students with opportunities and help them hone their practical skills, with the goal of aiding them towards taking the necessary steps required to achieve their life goals. It’s about founding a nurturing community where students can learn not only useful tools for success but also develop a sense of self that will give them the confidence they need to make the lives they want. We believe that students in this stage of their life are entering a very confusing period of exploration and growth, and that the right kind of guidance can help them make progress in whatever field, discipline, or environment they aspire to.

Through this NGO, we provide a variety of resources for students including, but not limited to:

  • Education in English.
  • Classes on computer skills.
  • Employment based training designed to help students build employable skills.
  • Workshops on life skills, social issues, and other important issues.
  • Job and internship opportunities through the network that we have built over the years.
  • Resources for those attempting to start businesses, built on the experience that we have gathered in our own endeavors.
  • Education outside of the classroom, both through trips outside of Delhi as well as events held within Delhi, as we believe that extracurricular, non-classroom based education is an extremely effective form of learning.
This NGO was started by Pradeep as an extension of his love for education and commitment to giving back to the community that he came from. Drawing from his work at several Delhi based NGOs he sought to develop a unique program that provides the kind of education that students might not have access to elsewhere. He credits much of his success to the opportunities he received through Manzil and other NGOs, and his undying love for his city inspired him to pass along what he has earned to others. Pradeep recognized that without the community that empowered and nurtured him he never would’ve been able to found Delhi by Locals, so he’s committed to making sure that the impact DBL has on the community is just as profound. As such, 50% of all profits go directly to Learning by Locals. Sanjay Colony is an area with a vast amount of creativity and potential, and Pradeep strives to help foster those aspects through his work. Young adulthood is a difficult period in all of our lives, and at Learning by Locals we try to do everything within our abilities to help people learn more about life and themselves during that time. Learning by Locals has connections with several other NGOs doing good work in Delhi, and we all comprise a family that strives to support each other to support each other as we work towards the greater goal of societal empowerment.

As a team, Learning by Locals has connections with several other NGOs doing good work in Delhi. We all endeavors to support each other as we are all working towards a common goal: the empowerment of society.

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We welcome, all sorts of questions, volunteers and ideas from you.

​ After all, we are learning too.